Solema Customer Care 2021


Solema Customer Care 2021

Service conditions and general overview

The reliability of a company is also and above all measured on Customer Care services, services that constitute different ways through which the customer continues to relate to the manufacturer of the newly purchased machine even in the years following the signing of the contract.

The reasons for taking advantage of the Customer Care offer are many.
Spare parts, for example, are one of the factors that justify the offer. Mechanical wear is a certain enemy for industrial machines such as Pluton ( › link ), ( › link ) or Magic Box ( › link ), and every customer knows that preventive strategies are the best way to deal with these events. Periodic checks and planned maintenance.

Or again: software updates, kits for functional updates, remote monitoring, guided settings...

Our Customer Care offer is structured as follows:

    Service Description Sales terms Conditions of use Link


Phone Assistance / Remote Assistance (Site-Manager inside the machine2) Technical assistance calling these phone nr. +39 035 654 111 - 165 - 137 - 138 / Technical assistance through the Site-Manager device installed inside the machine2

• with currently valid warranty period on the machine: free

• with currently valid Maintenance Program: free

• with currently valid warranty period on the machine or currently valid Maintenance Program: free

• with EXPIRED warranty period on the machine and NO Maintenance Program: hourly rate



Remote Service Tool Technical assistance through Remote Service Tool Customized quotation

• for the first 12 months after purchase: free

• after 12 months from purchase: hourly rate only if machine warranty or maintenance program are not valid



Preventive maintenance programs technical assistance and preventive maintenance according to a scheduled program, previously agreed together Customized quotation

• Spare parts3: negotiated discount

• Additional technical interventions3: negotiated discount

• Phone Assistance / Remote Assistance3: free


A) Phone Assistance / Remote Assistance – Telephone / remote assistance is our first level of contact with the customer. Technical information on installation, consultations on wiring diagrams or simple regulation dynamics can be solved through this service.

With a view to continuous improvement that characterizes us, to observe the use of resources in a more efficient and priority way, the telephone assistance / remote assistance service (A) - only in cases where the machine object of the request is not covered or by warranty or dedicated Maintenance Program - will be subject to hourly rates1 from January 1st, 2021.

Remote Service Tool – The Remote Service Tool is the innovative 'virtual' assistance tool: with interactive glasses, webcam and integrated Site-Manager, this device allows 360 ° technical support on all your Solema machines.

Preventive maintenance programs – It is said that prevention is better than cure right? Preventive Maintenance Programs go precisely in this direction. After the purchase of a Solema machine, the best way to ensure maximum performance over time is to sign a Preventive Maintenance Programs contract: we will take care of periodic checks and maintenance of your new machine, with a sequence of inspections agreed with you.

The Solema Customer Care offer certainly includes the most suitable solution for you.
Call us to focus it. Ensure maximum productivity.


1 extents and modalities of the billing will be specified at the time of the request of each listed services
2 Site-Manager device may not be present on the machine; to evaluate its installation contact
3 conditions applied during the period of validity of the contract

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